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Special Needs Trusts For Special Children

The Social Security Administration has increased its scrutiny of Special Needs Trusts (“SNT”). They are looking closely at such trusts to determine whether the trust language could be construed to require the trustee to provide the primary support and maintenance

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Create an Asset Protection Trust Before It’s Too Late!

The VA and Medicaid landscape is ever changing, and always in favor of government. We wrote you last fall to advise you of the pending 36-month look-back for VA Aid and Attendance. The new rules would impose a 36-month look

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Spring 2015 Office Update – About Us

P. Mark Accettura presented to the national convention of the AICPA on his most recent book, “Blood & Money: Why Families Fight and What To Do About It.” He had a large and enthusiastic (for accountants) audience, and stayed at

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Blood & Money

"Inheritance disputes are not so much about money. People fight over the love they feel they did not receive.”

Reuven Bar-Levav, M.D.