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Veterans Benefits update

The VA and Medicaid landscape is ever changing, and always in favor of government. We wrote you last year to advise you of the pending 36-month look-back for VA Aid and Attendance. The new rules would impose a 36-month look

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Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (DAPT)

Under the common-law rule against self-settled trusts, an individual traditionally could not create a self-settled trust (that is, an irrevocable trust from which he or she could benefit) and protect trust assets from claims of creditors. With the passage of

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The End of Dower In Michigan

Since 1787 dower has provided wives (but not husbands) with a one-third life interest in their husband’s real property. Even after women were allowed to own property in Michigan in the mid-1800s, the state legislature felt that women were still

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Did You Find All of Your Late Loved One’s Life Insurance and Annuities?

How can you be sure you found all of your late loved one’s life insurance and annuities? This problem has long vexed Michigan families. Many life insurance policies are hard to find since they are paid-up, or relate to former

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Will the Election Change Estate and Elder Law?

That is the million dollar question! Proposals have already been floated that would dramatically change the estate and elder law landscape. New laws would eliminate the federal estate tax (currently the exemption is $5.4 Million), turn Medicaid (the program that

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