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Our 2015 Fall Newsletter – Download for later

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Four Key Reasons You Shouldn’t Pay Caregivers Under The Table

You are breaking tax, employment (and potentially immigration) laws; Your homeowners’ insurance likely won’t cover a worker injured in your home; You lose the medical deduction for which the expense likely qualifies; and Payments may be considered gifts that will

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Caregiver Contracts Now Required

While Caregiver Contracts for services provided by family members have been required by Medicaid for many years, effective October 1, 2015 they are required for independent caregivers. The new policy applies not only to services normally associated with personal care

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New VA Rules

While Medicaid eligibility is affected by gifts made within five years of application, the VA program known as Aid and Attendance does not currently penalize those who have gifted away their assets in order to qualify for the benefit. As

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How Much May I Gift Annually?

Gifting is an important part of our estate and elder law practice. Strategic gifting accelerates eligibility for VA benefits and Medicaid. Unfortunately, nothing seems to confuse folks more than the rules concerning gifting. In a nutshell, each of us may

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Ladybird Deeds and the new Uncapping Rules

As reported in our Fall 2014 Newsletter, recent legislation prevents property tax assessment uncapping for most death-time residential real estate transfers to close family members. It now appears (although the jury is still out), however, that transfers at death via

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Special Needs Trusts For Special Children

The Social Security Administration has increased its scrutiny of Special Needs Trusts (“SNT”). They are looking closely at such trusts to determine whether the trust language could be construed to require the trustee to provide the primary support and maintenance

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Create an Asset Protection Trust Before It’s Too Late!

The VA and Medicaid landscape is ever changing, and always in favor of government. We wrote you last fall to advise you of the pending 36-month look-back for VA Aid and Attendance. The new rules would impose a 36-month look

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Spring 2015 Office Update – About Us

P. Mark Accettura presented to the national convention of the AICPA on his most recent book, “Blood & Money: Why Families Fight and What To Do About It.” He had a large and enthusiastic (for accountants) audience, and stayed at

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