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The End of Dower In Michigan

Since 1787 dower has provided wives (but not husbands) with a one-third life interest in their husband’s real property. Even after women were allowed to own property in Michigan in the mid-1800s, the state legislature felt that women were still

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Did You Find All of Your Late Loved One’s Life Insurance and Annuities?

How can you be sure you found all of your late loved one’s life insurance and annuities? This problem has long vexed Michigan families. Many life insurance policies are hard to find since they are paid-up, or relate to former

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Will the Election Change Estate and Elder Law?

That is the million dollar question! Proposals have already been floated that would dramatically change the estate and elder law landscape. New laws would eliminate the federal estate tax (currently the exemption is $5.4 Million), turn Medicaid (the program that

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How to Avoid Inheritance Fights Among Your Adult Kids

By Mary W. Quigley, a journalist and author, Posted in AARP Online, Jan 17th, 2017 Adult siblings gather round a conference table in a lawyer’s office, arguing bitterly over an inheritance. “We never thought this would happen to our family,”

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Spring 2016 UPDATE

Our 2016 Fall Newsletter – Download for later

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Our 2015 Fall Newsletter – Download for later

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Four Key Reasons You Shouldn’t Pay Caregivers Under The Table

You are breaking tax, employment (and potentially immigration) laws; Your homeowners’ insurance likely won’t cover a worker injured in your home; You lose the medical deduction for which the expense likely qualifies; and Payments may be considered gifts that will

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Caregiver Contracts Now Required

While Caregiver Contracts for services provided by family members have been required by Medicaid for many years, effective October 1, 2015 they are required for independent caregivers. The new policy applies not only to services normally associated with personal care

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19 Recommendations for Minimizing Inheritance Conflict

By P. Mark Accettura, Esq. Article Highlights Minimizing Inheritance Conflict How you structure your estate at death is an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy of fairness, compassion and love. The estate plan communicates who we remember, love, consider important

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