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Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (DAPT)

Under the common-law rule against self-settled trusts, an individual traditionally could not create a self-settled trust (that is, an irrevocable trust from which he or she could benefit) and protect trust assets from claims of creditors. With the passage of

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We’re In Our 70s, Should We Get Married?

On balance, the answer is “no.” Once married, both spouse’s assets must be counted for purposes of Medicaid eligibility. It is better to live in sin. However, as love does not have an age limit, many couples decide to marry

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What Happens To My Estate Plan If I Get Divorced?

It is important that each spouse revise his or her estate plan after divorce. While divorce automatically revokes spousal rights under a will, trust, and powers of attorney, it invariably leaves a void with respect to who is in charge

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Is Your Estate Plan In Order?

The death of a celebrity, especially when it is sudden, captures our imagination. We want to know how they died and, of course, what will happen to their money. To us at Accettura and Hurwitz, these deaths are a reminder

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Create an Asset Protection Trust Before It’s Too Late!

The VA and Medicaid landscape is ever changing, and always in favor of government. We wrote you last fall to advise you of the pending 36-month look-back for VA Aid and Attendance. The new rules would impose a 36-month look

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Medicaid and SBO Trusts

The Department of Human Services has begun denying eligibility in Medicaid long term care cases in which there is a married person, and in which assets were placed in a so-called “solely for the benefit” trust (SBO trust). The SBO

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